Beauty Sleep Satin Sets

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Brand: Relaxus Beauty

Redefine the meaning of beauty sleep. Each set comes with a luxurious satin pillowcase, eyeshades and hair scrunchie. The pillowcases provide a luxury sleep experience that protects your hair and maintains your skin’s essential moisture balance. The surface of the pillow is moisture-wicking and protects against wrinkles, creasing, and tugging. The eyeshades let you get the sleep you deserve while looking and feeling chic.

Available in a 3pc Gift Sets with the colors of Pink and Grey.

Satin Pillowcase – 20″x 26″ (51cm x 66cm)
-Protects you hair and maintains your skin’s essential moisture balance
-Skin and hair glide smoothly across the moisture wicking surface to help protect against wrinkles, creasing and tugging
-Less friction – to defend against frizz and bedhead
-Smooth satin finish preserves hair styles like braids and blow outs longer

Satin Eyeshades
-Blocks out unwanted light for a more restful sleep experience
-Superior moisture wicking material
-Low profile elasticized strap

Satin Scrunchie
-Lavish fabric and hair saving benefits
-Gather your hair in style and comfort


Hair, Skin Care, Face Mask


Grey, Leopard/Black, Pink