John Varvatos

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Brand: John Varvatos

Fragrance Family: Amber Woody

Top Notes: Date Fruit, Mediterranean Herbs, Mejdool and Tamarind leaves
Middle Notes:  Clary Sage Flower, Coriander and Ajowan
Base Notes: Black Leather, Auramber, Vanilla, Eaglewood and Balsams

Sizes: Available in 4.2 oz. bottle.

The John Varvatos perfume was launched by the namesake design house in 2004, created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux. The fragrance uses far-flung essences to strike the right note- one a sophisticated gentleman can relate with. The alluring spicy notes and masculine spicy notes team up to bring everything you have always wanted in a fragrance, and everything that women have always wanted in you. Suited for romantic dates.

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4.2 oz.