Paul Sebastian

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Brand: Paul Sebastian
The name "Paul Sebastian" suggests an individual designer behind the products, but Paul Sebastian is actually an American brand name founded by two New Jersey residents, Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco. Their first scent, Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne, was created in 1979. Originally marketed regionally in the New Jersey area, interest in the scent grew and quickly led to wider distribution.

Fragrance Family: Aromatic

Top Notes: Amber and Lavender
Middle Notes: Oakmoss and Sage
Base Notes: Rose and Musk

Sizes: Available in 4 oz. Cologne and 4 oz. After Shave Lotion Bottle.

A 1979 classic from the Paul Sebastian design house, PS Fine Cologne offers a botanic and masculine fragrance for the classically-minded man. Brisk amber opens the scent, alongside spicy lavender for a perfect balance. In the heart, experience the woodsy undertones of oak moss and the herbal indulgence of sage. Delicate rose offers an interesting balance in the base, paired with complex musk for a cologne that’s perfect for everyday wear or when hanging out with friends.


4 oz. AfterShave, 4 oz.