Prada Luna Rossa Sport

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Brand: Prada
Italian fashion house Prada was founded by Mario Prada in 1913. In collaboration with his brother Martino. A set of numbered Exclusive "artisan fragrances" was first offered by Prada at their boutiques and select department stores in 2003. Each scent focused on a single note—Iris, Orange Flower, Tuberose, Violet, etc. Additions to this line were made again in 2007 and 2010. Prada's first mass market fragrance offering, Prada Eau de Parfum, was released in 2004. The Prada "Ephemeral Infusion" line, which highlighted some of the notes from the Prada Exclusive line and featured more costly ingredients, was introduced in 2007 with Infusion d'Iris.

Fragrance Family: Amber Spicy

Top Notes: Juniper Berries and Ginger
Middle Notes: Lavender
Base Notes: Vanilla and Tonka Bean

Sizes: Available in 3.4 oz., 1.7 oz. and 0.30 oz. Mini Bottles.

Luna Rossa Sport was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier, a renowned perfumer shows off her talents yet again with Prada’s Luna Rossa Sport mirrors the rhythm of interaction between man and nature, powerful and fresh yet capable of provoking subtle emotion. The scent of this perfume combines sporty confidence with a clean refined smell. Citrusy flavors are mixed with more calming notes like Lavender and Vanilla. Energizingly sporty yet dreamy, this scent is perfect to get cozy in the winter: born of an uncompromising challenge between the raw and the refined.


1.7 oz., 3.4 oz., Mini